3 Steps to Digital Transformation

Posted by Asad Siddiqui on 23-Nov-2018 08:11:00

The technology landscape is changing. Organisations are currently living in the age of Digital Transformation with technology and devices constantly changing, evolving, and impacting the way in which we all live and work.

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Are you wasting money on this common cybersecurity investment?

Posted by Asad Siddiqui on 06-Nov-2018 08:28:00


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Product Comparison: Surface Pro 5 vs Surface Pro 6

Posted by Sophie Rogers on 17-Oct-2018 08:19:00


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Higher education one of the worst sectors at handling cyber attacks

Posted by Asad Siddiqui on 09-Oct-2018 09:18:00
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Windows Server 2019 is here

Posted by Hugo Carpenter on 26-Sep-2018 16:32:00

Yesterday at Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference, Windows Server 2019 was announced. The Operating System will be generally available from October this year, building on the foundations of Windows Server 2016.

But what are the notable advantages of Windows Server 2019? What about it is innovative?

Windows Server 2019 focuses on four main areas: Hybrid, Security, Application Platform, Hyper-converged Infrastructure.

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Office 2019 announced at Microsoft Ignite

Posted by Asad Siddiqui on 26-Sep-2018 13:49:48

For those of you still using On Prem Office, Microsoft have announced the latest version of Office. Find out more on what is involved and also the difference between Office 2019 and Office 365

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Traditional Infrastructure vs Hyperconvergence

Posted by Sophie Rogers on 24-Sep-2018 09:03:00


As experts of Hyperconvergence and partners with numerous Hyperconvergence vendors Symitry Ltd can offer our own brand of service and expertise for any business who wishes to upgrade their Traditional IT Infrastructure to a Hyperconverged system. However, if your configuration is not suitable to Hyperconvergence then Symitry Ltd can advise on upgrading your IT Infrastructure.

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Symitry Partner with Hyperconvergence Player Pivot3

Posted by Asad Siddiqui on 13-Sep-2018 14:21:17


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5 Tips SMB's Can Use To Help With Cybersecurity

Posted by Amanda Brewer on 08-Sep-2018 12:08:41


5 Areas to address when looking at enhancing your company's cybersecurity. 

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Bitrater - how does it prevent malware attacks?

Posted by Asad Siddiqui on 06-Sep-2018 08:05:00

Malware is one of the key ways in which cyber criminals are infiltrating networks and holding them to ransom. The number of attacks is constantly increasing so it makes sense for companies to look at different ways to protect their business.

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