Bitrater - how does it prevent malware attacks?

Cyber Security

Malware is one of the key ways in which cyber criminals are infiltrating networks and holding them to ransom. The number of attacks is constantly increasing so it makes sense for companies to look at different ways to protect their business.

BitRater X-Ray is a new and innovative technology that protects against malware, viruses, spyware, hacking and more.


BitRater X-Ray can function untouched and even unseen by users.

Everytime BitRater X-Ray sees an unknown process, this process is automatically uploaded to the BitRater Cloud Service where it gets analysed by over 50 anti-malware engines, compared to extensive databases of benign and malicious processes and finally analysed by BitRater’s advanced tools.

If the process is known or suspected to be malicious, it is automatically and immediately blocked from executing on that computer PLUS all other computers in the enterprise that are connected to the BitRater Cloud Service. This all happens immediately and is fully automated.


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