Symitry Partner with Hyperconvergence Player Pivot3



Symitry are proud to announce that they are now Partners with Hypervonvergence pioneers, Pivot3.

Pivot3 was founded by several industry veterans of Compaq, VMware, and Adaptec with a vision to simplify the datacenter by collapsing storage, compute and network resources onto a powerful, easy-to-deploy solution that would reduce cost, operational risks, and ease overall system management.

Pivot3 specialise in providing Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions in the following areas:

  • Datacenter modernisation
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Smart cities and IoT
  • Video Sureveillance
  • VDI
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


We will be shortly announcing a Webinar series in conjunction with Pivot3 but if you would like any further details feel free to get in touch with one of our Hyperconvergence Specialists.